I was born and raised in italy. I studied french, english and german. When I was young, I traveled a lot, from north to south, from east to west. I hope I will be able to see some more places soon: Alaska, Arkansas, Maine and Japan.

Why Alaska ?

Well, I love cold places, forests, mountains... small isolated towns... I think these could be good reasons for loving that country...

Why Arkansas ?

One of my dream is to live in a house close to a lake, by a forest, on the mountains... in one of those small small towns where everybody knows you... and on a Christmas Night, staying at home, in front of a fireplace, while outside it's snowing... well... doesn't North Western Arkansas look like this ?

Why Maine ?

I love light-houses. In fact one of my dreams is to become a lighthouse keeper, maybe in Maine, another cold country full of mystery... have you ever seen that movie by Disney ? "Pete's Dragon" ? or also "The Fog" by John Carpenter with Jamie Lee Curtis ?

Why Japan ?

I love japanese cartoons and so I always wanted to see where they are drawn and the country which inspired them, but also I would like to see the japanese gardens well known all around the world.


What do I look like ?

I am quite tall, with very very short brown hair and brown eyes. I always wear glasses. They are small and round shaped and their lenses are always light darkened. Why ? Because I hate to show my feelings and so I mask my eyes, they always show how I really feel inside.


What do I do for living and for fun ?

After few years spent selling computers, now I work in a restaurant in Venice, well, work is a big word but... yes this is how to say that.

I love to take photos. If you want to take a look, you can check them on the link beside.

I enjoy talking to different people, coming from all over the world. There I knew so many nice people. One day, I hope I will be able to meet them in the real life too !

I have always been in the same chat room YNOT under the nickname of deSade, but it's a long time since I last chatted there... nowadays, nobody is there anymore... =( sigh... now I am looking for a new nice chat room, I'll let you know when I'll have found it !

I love horror movies, pickups, my dogs, what else...? huh... yeah, I like very much driving alone in the night, it helps me to relax my nerves.

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